Types of Marketing

Marketing was coined from a Latin word mercatus that means merchant or market place. In the sixteenth century, the word was used to refer to the sales process from marketing to the time the sales deal has been sealed. In the late 1890s, the marketing concept emphasised sales and advertising. There are two distinct schools of thought- the history of the marketing practice that has its root in marketing and management studies and the history of marketing thought that is rooted in cultural and economic history. These two schools of thought approach research and analysis of marketing, its emergence and growth in different ways. This had led to divergent opinions on different aspects of marketing including its history, when it really emerged and how the concept has grown over time.

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Digital Marketing

There are different forms of digital marketing such as affiliate email marketing, social media marketing, Email Marketing and the use of adwords on search engines. The emergence of the digital world has led to the growth of digital marketing concepts. Given the high rate at which technological advancement is taking place, marketing is also changing to adapt these new technological methods. For example, a few years ago, social media was not only little known but it was never used as a marketing avenue. In modern times, social media has great influence on marketing in brands that recognize its power to reach out to greater number of people.


Impact of digital marketing

With digital marketing, brands are able to reach to greater customer segments from all over the world. This has enhanced the rate of growth of companies and therefore, it is easier to grow and build an organization or brand than it was fifty years ago. Given the greater connectivity that brands have with their clients, it is easier to track consumer trends and purchasing power and use this information for growth and improvement. 


It has also become easier to trace the return on investment on the marketing budget of your firm. This allows institutions to strive to continually improve their marketing efforts and strategy. In addition to this, brands can now develop adverts that are targeted to people who have engaged the brand before. This increases the rate of success and ensures that business do not use the scarce resources they may have badly. Besides this, businesses and brands can keep an eye on their competitors in order to stay at least a step ahead through the use of digital marketing tools and sites.


Email marketing 

This involves sending informative emails, sales pitches and engaging clients through the use of emails. The business has the chance to send personalised offers to clients who have signed up for the company's bulleting or news. Remember that email marketing can make or break your business depending on how it is used. Some organisations do not take time to learn more about their clients and therefore they keep sending impersonal emails to clients who may end up unsubscribing from your list. As a business, you should put in a lot of effort to learn about your clients, understand how often they would like to receive emails from you, what type of emails they are interested in and how you can engage them further.


A great advantage of email marketing is that you can reach many people with the same email but this should only be done when sending clients general information or when you are carrying out surveys to learn more about your clients. When marketing your products or services, you should send personalised emails to different groups based on their past needs.